Do You Know The Most Played Song Ever?

Logan Stapleton/ April 7, 2021
Do You Know The Most Played Song Ever?

Trying to determine the single most played song ever might be a little tricky. This is because there are several illegal streaming services currently in operation. Due to these illegal streaming services, statistics collated may be inaccurate. Songs listened to via these illegal streaming services may not contribute to official statistics recorded. The songs downloaded from such sites and played regularly are also not recorded. However, according to happy magazine, the single most played song ever is Gangnam Style sung by Psy.

This is due to the number of views the song has amassed on YouTube. In total, the song has been watched nearly four billion times. It needs just a hundred views more to reach the four billion mark. There are about 7 billion individuals worldwide, which means that Gangnam Style is watched by nearly half the whole world. Gangnam Style is followed closely by sorry sung by Justin Bieber and sugar sung by Maroon 5. Both songs have a total of three point four billion views each on YouTube.

SoundCloud lists f*** Love by xxx

If we wish to add other legal streaming services such as Tidal, Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud, and other local services, it will be hard to reconcile listening data. When we include remote areas where statistics are not properly carried out, Gangnam Style might not be the most played song ever. Each streaming service, for example Spotify, has its own single most played song ever. On Spotify, the record for the most streamed song ever goes to the shape of you by Ed Sheeran. Apple Music lists want and needs by Drake featuring Lil baby as the most streamed song currently on their platform.

SoundCloud lists f*** Love by xxx tentacion as the song with the longest stream time on their platform. These numbers, as well as song titles, will vary with other platforms such as Pandora, Tidal, and perhaps Google. Another important factor worth considering is that the ability to collate listening data does not apply to songs from the 40s, the 30s, or time before that, so it is possible for a margin of error to occur. If we take into consideration the fact that error may occur when collecting such data, Gangnam Style once again might not be the most song player ever; therefore, it is important to take note of these little facts. The song still continues to amass views, comments, and likes as time goes on.

Do You Know The Most Played Song Ever?

Until another song comes to blow it away, it remains recorded currently as the song with the highest playtime ever. It also achieved worldwide success, winning multiple awards for the musician. Dance styles, song beat, cinematography, and clothing were hailed as unique. Following the success of Gangnam, Psy has released two more songs, one of which was titled, gentleman. He has collaborated with multiple artists on different songs at different times.

Unfortunately, they did not achieve as much success as the previous song. Psy is no longer active on music scenes preferring to open his own record label. P-nation, Psy’s record label, has signed other South Korean artists.