Kelsea Ballerini performs in the ACM awards

Eben Westbrook/ February 11, 2021
Kelsea Ballerini performs in the ACM awards

On celebrity news, the stage of the ACM Awards is not new to Kelsea Ballerini, but fans will get to see her perform on this same stage the way she has never done before on Wednesday night, the 16th of September. In this performance of hers, she is expected to sing one of her single titled Hole in the Bottle, but in front of an empty Ryman Auditorium. She had described this experience as a weird one, while in an interview in the late-night talk show that is hosted by James Corden. All the performers that were expected to perform in the ACM Awards show in the Ryman’s Auditorium, had pre-taped their performances, including Ballerini.

Ballerini, during the interview, said that

Ballerini, during the interview, said that ACM, which stands for Academy for Country music, was amazing, and had to be safe with everything that they did as a result of the global outbreak. The female singer also stated that she had felt rusty when she earlier got on the stage for filming her performance ahead. She went on to say that she was anxious, but eventually reminded herself that they were no audience as there was no response from people, only the sound of crickets, an experience she called odd.

Kelsea Ballerini performs in the ACM awards

The female singer, was among the nominees for the ACM Awards’ Female Artist of the Year in 2020. During the interview, Ballerini, further stated that it felt nice for her to be on stage again, regardless of what kind it was. Some performers are scheduled to sing live from other locations such as the Grand Ole Opry House, and the Bluebird Cafe, during the ACM event this year. This year, the Awards’ event is being hosted in Nashville, after its date had been shifted for about 5 months as a result of the global outbreak. The host of this year’s event is proposed to be Keith Urban, and it’s scheduled to air on the CBS channel.

In a recent interview, Ballerini, who is twenty-seven years old, had talked about how she felt when she attended a red carpet event. She said that she was usually anxious in a red carpet ceremony, but he added that surprisingly, she had missed this feeling. And the whole experience as well as a result of the global outbreak. This interview was conducted by the Taste of Country media outlet, and the female singer made it known that getting nervous made her to dislike red carpet ceremonies.

She further that she didn’t know why she didn’t like it get anxious while in one. Talking about her routine while in a red carpet ceremony, the Country star revealed that she would just snap some pictures, do a few interviews. And eventually leave the place because of her dislike that she couldn’t explain. She said that she would tell herself to leave the way when famous personalities such as Carrie Underwood, were passing by as a sigh of respect. Ballerini, concluded by saying that she missed all these because of the global outbreak, which had prevented almost all other worldwide activities from happening.