Number One Song Of All Time

Connie Goff/ May 12, 2021
Number One Song Of All Time

Love songs are used to express feelings of desire to the opposite gender. Artists who come up with these pieces get their inspiration from all around us and mainly write about what happens to everyone in relationships. Sometimes, they could also be a little fictional, writing about what people desire to achieve, but it is realistically impossible. This could only be achieved by a small fraction of the population, while the rest could live such love lives in their fantasies.

People desire to have a flourishing love life, where you are forever happy with your partner. There are seasons where things will be rocky, and how you navigate such seasons will be the true test of your love. Such are the times when you will know why a person is with you, whether it is for the money or other reasons that only benefit them. This is why you find couples breaking up after the love dies because their foundation was based on lies or things that do not matter in life.

Sometimes, even fame plays a role,

All these factors are highlighted in different love songs, however, some artists have successfully mastered the art of delivery more than others. Two writers could have the same script with the same message, but how they deliver them to the public is what will matter. One of them will be a hit, being played across all radio stations, TV platforms, being heard in restaurants and clubs as well. The other will be considered to be an underdog, mainly speaking to the few people who listen to them. Their fans will be defending them in anything, but at the end of the day, their song won’t hit as much as the one with good delivery skills. It could either be something about their voice, or the beats used, the lyrical arrangement, something that just puts the two separate.

Sometimes, even fame plays a role, where a renowned artist is more likely to have their songs on the airwaves more than an upcoming artist. This is why you will sometimes hear cases of popular artists sampling or even stealing songs from underdogs and making them theirs, which can result in a court case if it is copyrighted.

Number One Song Of All Time

We’ve got talented artists like Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston who have blessed us with pieces that rocked the airwaves when they were released, most of which are still very appealing to date. Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” released in 1992 has to be the number one love song of all time. It’s still great to date, where people of all ages still get to enjoy it. It does not only focus on love in romantic relationships but can be used when implying the love in friendships, in family, whatever structure that is around us.

This diversity in how the message is interpreted made it easier for the song to be propelled to being the top song and being enjoyed by people of all ages today. Mariah Carey’s masterpiece We Belong Together was released in 2005, with the video being put up on YouTube in 2009. This song has been able to capture the public, and will even have children singing along to it without really understanding what love is all about. Such are the impacts of good delivery, where your songs can be heard by individuals of all ages, and they will all enjoy it.