Wannabe by Spice Girls Is the Biggest Song of All Time

Brock Caron/ May 18, 2021
Wannabe by Spice Girls Is the Biggest Song of All Time

Music plays a unique part in human lives by being a form of communication as well as a source of entertainment. We hear tunes everywhere we go sometimes even in the comfort of your solitude a song may come to mind, and suddenly, you find yourself singing along. Music has substantial effects on the mind and body. It can alter moods, trigger the release of hormones, stimulate the immune system, influence heart rate as well as strengthen the emotional plus cognitive centers of the brain. Nice rhythm heals the mind, body and soul as it is highly therapeutic for emotional, mental as well as physical health.

Improves sleep efficiency a relaxing tune

Improves sleep efficiency; a relaxing tune lures the body to sleep by triggering some changes that are essential for sleep to occur. Listening to a relaxing tune fountains your body to get ready for a resting stay by slowing down both your heart and breathing rates. It reduces your blood pressure and triggers other physiological changes that ultimately lead to the secretion of hormones necessary for sleep. When you listen to a song before bedtime, you’re ultimately putting your body in a physically and psychologically relaxed state that will cause you to fall asleep more quickly. Scientists have proven that music is used for treating acute and chronic sleep disorders with its effect becoming stronger over time because the more you use music to lure yourself to feel sleepy, the more your body becomes adapted to it.

Listening to happily and lively chords

Listening to happily and lively chords helps the human brain to come up with more creative solutions. This is because they reduce pressure on the brain by putting it in a relaxed state necessary for creativity. When, however, it comes to defining happy hymns, the answer may be a bit different for everybody. It varies from person to person but generally happy melodies refer to any tune that will help you to feel positive.

Wannabe by Spice Girls Is the Biggest Song of All Time

A song performed by a favorite artist always add up new refreshing thoughts. The biggest hit song of all time is possibly Wannabe performed by Spice Girls in 1997. Already a summer hit in Europe in 1996, this song washed up in North American shows in the winter of 1997 and spread across North America like a plague. Despite being a hit song during that time, it continues to be a world dominating girl group pop song even today. The rich message it unfolds has continued to be applied to modern situations unlike any other female pop song. The lyrics feature themes of independence, friendship and feminism making it such a big girl power song.

On the relationship level, the song clearly emphasizes its importance. Friendship should be a single highest point of human existence and yet, it’s also the most routinely disappointing thing we deal with. Too often, you’re at supper at someone’s house, there’s an impressive spread and the hosts have evidently gone to a lot of trouble, but the conversation is meandering or devoid of any real interest. It flips from an overlong description of the failings of the in-flight service of a particular airline to a strangely heated discussion about the tax code. The intentions of the hosts are hugely touching but as, so often we go home wondering what on earth the whole performance was really about.

The song’s lyrics provided listeners the solution to the problem of friendship by stating that it has to be mutual. Our attempts at friendship tend to go drift because we collectively resist the task of developing a clear picture of what friendship might really be. It gave music lovers a defined meaning of how or what relationship must be all about, making it to be among the biggest hit songs of all time.

Wannabe by Spice Girls has a good vibe to dancing that is energetic to dancers. Through dancing, there’s energy being released which is a whole good thing. With feminism, the song encourages men’s participation role in gender issues. Like Lady Gaga’s Poker Face, Wannabe provide some catchy melodies that are easy for dance tunes. Even after its 21st anniversary, Wannabe continue to make headlines on BBC news as being the best songs so far that provide a touching message on female empowerment as well as being highly influential.