????? July 26 Tour D Terrace Little Bill and The Blue Notes with Danny Ward

Mount Lake Terrace Terrace TBA

Aug 9 The Spar:  Little Bill and The Blue Notes. MY FINAL SHOW AT THE SPAR

Aug 22 The Rock Fish Little Bill w/ Stapleton Barner and Danny Ward

  Little Bill / Blue Noteswith Danny WardDanny Ward Rock Fish 7:30 Anacortes

Sept 19 Leif Erickson Hall-Little Bill and The Blue Notes. 8:00

Sept 20 Little Bills LAST show McMenamins

Sept 27 Crossroads Little and  Rod Cook  12:30 Bellvue

Nov 14 Easy Monkey Little Bill and The Blue Notes. 7:00-10:00 


           THAT’S ALL FOLKS

                       SEE YOU ON THE FLIP SIDE